Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ParT 2 :WhEn hUmaN StaRts tHe 1st LovE

then,after he asked to go out from the park,we went out n we hav to use the long distance to go to him. We thought he would pay us some money since we didnt have much money.We met him and continue our journey.i was jus joking with him that we wanted 3ringgit from him and as well as his girlfriend.i thought he might think to give us some money for our highway and our petrol,but he was not.
In our journey to Balik Pulau,the roads there was the worst. During the journey,we were trying to overtake a lorry in a small road..as we wanted to overtake the lorry,a car,kancil wanted to overtake and crashed us.we were slightly fall down and the rim's tyre of that car was went out. We were so mad!!n what was making me not satisfied when my fwen could overtake us so that he saved.he told that he was scared.how come he could jus overtake us if we were blocked by the car and the driver hit us?i was so sad with my fwen.he could leave us as he saved. At first,he never wanted to overtake us as he had his girlfriend back there.as u know,normally,when sumone who have girls on the motorcycles,he wont speed up his motorcycle.
then..it will be continued..sorry,i dont have mood to story it today

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extraordinaryme said...

salam, ak tak pasti apa org lain kata,ak tak tahu apa org lain rasa, tapi sejujurnya ak percaya ko akan berjaya satu hari nanti.Bagaimana?ak tak pasti semua terpulang kepada apa yg ko buat dan apa yang Allah rancang untuk ko.Insyaallah.

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